About Us

Our company was established in 1934 under the name of Wishart Radiators by the late Reg Wishart. After three generations of grandfather, father and son and 75 years in this business, we decided in 2006 to change the name to Wishart Auto Tech to reflect our new specialised services in the area of code clearing and diagnostics. We were always a leader in our industry. For example, we were the first to introduce mobile air conditioning servicing at the end of the eighties and now we are the first in mobile code clearing and diagnostics.

Our specialised radiator and air-conditioning repair skills have resulted in the attainment of “Preferred Repairer” status to the insurance industry, and amongst panel and mechanical repair workshops state wide.

Wishart Auto Tech recognised the monopoly automotive dealerships held in the arena of airbag fitting and fault code diagnosis, and recognised a potential for business diversification. Airbag fitting requires a very particular skill base. Unfortunately, there is only limited training in Victoria to gain the relevant qualifications associated with airbag fitting and assessment. Kangan Batman TAFE were able to offer training to attend the professional development and in 2005 our employees gained accreditation through the TAFE.

By developing our services and expanding into a new area of speciality, the skilled technicians at Wishart Auto Tech are able to offer a unique combination of services to insurance groups including the complete servicing of cooling systems as well as airbag installation and supply, fault code diagnosis and clearing along with ABS, engine and transmission fault code diagnosis and repair. As these are specialised areas that are involved with crash repair, we can offer these services from a single service centre, rather than co-ordinating multiple specialists to deliver each service. This results in a significant threefold savings, in time, finances and resources.

Financial Viability and Insurance

Wishart Auto Tech is a financially viable business. We are able to meet all debts as they fall due and operating profits are re-invested in the company to continue the growth and expansion of our business.

We carry insurance policies to protect the businesses from potential financial risk and a minimum of $10 million of both public and product liability. We also maintain insurance on other aspects of our businesses such as property, and workcover, in accordance with government legislations.

Our business operates under sound financial guidance and complies with all necessary legislation, including GST.

Supporting the Environment

Wishart Auto Tech takes corporate responsibility for supporting the environment very seriously. We comply with the Trade Waste Agreement as per MMBW and Victorian Government Legislation. Our heavy metal sludge waste is regularly collected by a certified waste collection company along with our documentation and is forwarded to the relevant environmental protection agency.

In addition to the required legislation, Wishart Auto Tech also, where possible, operate using recycled materials, paper, packaging etc, and employ a water conservation policy to reduce unnecessary water wastage.

Health and Safety

Wishart Auto Tech understands its responsibility to our employees and customers to ensure that safety measures in our work environment are implemented and maintained. It is in our best interests to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring and we proactively seek to identify potential hazards in the workplace.

Detailed workplace health and safety plans are in place and are communicated to staff. We perform regular inspections of the workplace to ensure that our standards of safety are maintained and procedures are being followed. Our staff are encouraged to participate in OH&S forums and discussions held. Furthermore, they will immediately alert management or their OH&S representative of any hazards they may identify during their work.

Due to the nature of our business, Wishart Auto Tech arranges for all employees to be tested for blood lead levels annually. Wishart Auto Tech fully comply with government legislative requirements regarding health and safety and we are vigilant in ensuring these standards are upheld.

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