BMW 135i Airbag & Dash removal & refit

How to remove & refit a BMW 135i dash by Wishart Auto Tech

Flammable Hydrocarbon CAUTION

This short video shows the dangers of using flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants.

VW Golf Mk5 Central Locking Repair

This video shows how to remove a faulty central locking lock that commonly fails on the VW Golf Mk5.

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Ford HIM module and blend door rod

This is a short video showing the location of the VERY common failing HIM module and blend door rod with the dash already removed.

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How to replace a Toyota Hilux Clock Spring 2005 – 2010

This is a short video of how to replace a faulty SRS clock spring on a 2005 to 2010 Toyota Hilux. After replacing the faulty clock spring, the SRS warning light will go out automatically once the system has done its 5 second self check. Inquires are welcome via the contact page.


Video was taken in the Wishart Auto Tech workshop with parts supplied by:

Swish Auto Parts

How to remove drivers airbag and clock spring VW Volkswagen Polo 2001

Below is an instructional YouTube video we have made on how to remove the drivers airbag, steering wheel and clock spring of a VW Volkswagen Polo 2001.

How to repair BMW Active Headrest

This is an instructional video on how to repair BMW active headrest after it has deployed in an accident.